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Who manages the FRC website?


The FRC website content is updated by "Content Managers" responsible for updating their particular department or area of the website. There are currently about 35 Content Managers.  

You can usually tell which department, office, or area of student support operates a particular web page by looking at its address.  The part of the web address directly after is usually the name of the organization responsible for the web site content. For instance, is managed by the department called Student Services.

To contact a department, use our website campus directory to find the email addresses and phone extensions at:


Supervision of the overall "look and feel" of the website is accomplished by a committee. The Chair of the committee is the Dean of Student Services or their delegate.

The technical support and training of Content Managers of the website is provided by the "Webmaster," Mick Presnell at , and by our vendor for Website services, Campus Suite.


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