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I'm an FRC website Publisher. How do I change the names of people listed in directory searches of our department?


This function is covered in the "Basic Publisher/Teacher Training" video that can be found under the User Guide on the right of your dashboard, or go to:

Here's a quick summary:

The page where department members are displayed is not where you change the list of people in your department.  This is just where the names are displayed for users who have been entered into Campus Suite and identified as belonging to a particular “department.”  “Department” is the Campus Suite name for folders.   In this case the “department” is “Associate Faculty.”  The code you see is just the code for displaying the list of people added to the Associate Faculty “department.”

To add users, go to the dashboard, click on the Dept/Users tab, and then “Add Person”  for that particular department.

To delete a user or change a user’s basic profile, use the search box on the dashboard on the upper right or go to the directory and search for them, then click on their name.  Their profile should come up.  Change “Owned by” to change the primary department with which they are associated, then Update at the bottom. Or you can delete them by selecting “Delete” at the bottom.

The Permissions tab on the person’s profile allows you to add more than one department with which the person is associated although there is always one that is their primary department, selected on the “Profile” page/tab using the “Owned by” menu. 


Checking “Display” after adding a department will allow their name to show up when that department is searched.  If you see the option to check “Access” when you add a person to a department, this gives them some editing access to that department, which normally you wouldn’t want to do.  Contact the FRC Campus Suite administrator for assistance if you want someone to be able to make changes to features or pages on the website.

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