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How do I get into the FRC Canvas site?
You are automatically added to the Canvas course area after you register for FRC courses, even if they are not online courses.  You do not need to create a Canvas account or add yourself to a course a...
I don't see my course in Canvas. What do I do?
There are several reasons why you may not see your online course area in Canvas right away. (1) Your instructor has not made it visible to students yet.  Check with your instructor to verify it has be...
Where can I get help if I have problems using a Canvas feature?
There are extensive help files, videos, and 24/7 phone support once you get into Canvas. Look to the bottom left and click the "?" to see your help options. Check out the excellent canvas guides and v...
I need to reset my password
Before filling out the request form please take a look at the FAQs on the FRC website, then if you need to request a password reset, please fill out the form on the FRC website found here: https://www...

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